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    The new system of crushing hammer manufacturer is introduced

    點擊次數:   更新時間:20/02/07 16:03:02     煙臺華拓工程機械有限公司
    The crushing hammer is an important working tool of excavator, which can break stones and rocks more effectively and speed up the construction process. The crushing hammer is mainly composed of cylinder block, piston rod, rod, reversing valve, accumulator, oil seal components. As one of the common accessories in construction machinery, the crushing hammer is gnawed in the daily work is "hard bone", the working environment is bad, master the correct method of using the crushing hammer, can not only improve the work efficiency, but also reduce the failure frequency, greatly extend the service life.

    The performance upgrade of accessories can improve the strength of the machine, the upgrade of the system is a way of product upgrade.

    1. Automatic lubrication system

    Save manpower, avoid excessive lubrication, reduce the use cost, improve the utilization rate of customer's equipment;

    2. Automatic frequency conversion system

    Adjust striking force and striking frequency according to rock hardness, suitable for any working condition;

    3. Quick energy recovery system

    The piston recoil energy is used to absorb shock, and the strike stroke cycle is shortened, the strike frequency is accelerated, and the construction efficiency is improved.

    4. Automatic protection system

    Free switch between "auto stop mode" and "auto start mode" to effectively prevent "blank hit";

    5. Floating dust control system

    Effectively protect the hammer from damage or excessive wear by highly abrasive materials;

    6. Hydraulic energy conversion system

    Save the fuel consumption of the carrier, and efficiently transform the power output of the large dredger pump.

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