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    The importance of trial operation of crushing hammer

    點擊次數:   更新時間:20/03/14 16:22:03     煙臺華拓工程機械有限公司
    As we all know, in our daily life due to the safety of mechanical equipment caused by a lot of accidents, the vast majority of this reason is mechanical equipment maintenance is not in place to cause. Strengthening the maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment is indeed a necessary means to ensure the normal and safe operation of equipment, which can not only extend the service life of mechanical equipment, but also ensure the safe, reliable and more efficient operation of mechanical equipment, to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents and personal injury and property loss.

    The test operation is the inspection of the mechanical performance and parts installation before the crushing hammer is put into use. Proper debugging is also to further detect the quality of the hammer and reduce the failure of the hammer as much as possible. Usually, we need to carry out a full extension and full shrinkage test run for 3-5 times before working. The purpose of this is to exhaust the air in the system, preheating each system, so as to effectively avoid the existence of air or water in the system, in the cylinder block caused gas explosion phenomenon, which will damage the seal, resulting in cylinder leakage and other failures.

    After the completion of the test, reinforce each part again.

    Check the condition of each hardware, in the guarantee of its clean, but also check the screw and wiring, if the screw is loose, it also needs to be timely reinforcement according to the installation instructions and technical indicators. The no-load test machine is recommended to maintain a running time of more than 2 hours. During this period, check the bearing temperature. The temperature shall not exceed 30 degrees. To ensure that all high speed rotating parts without abrasions, chips and grinding phenomenon, no abnormal noise.

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